Having owned and operated a heavy construction company for many years, I know the hardships associated with some of the shop and field projects. Our mechanics and laborers have spent countless hours "jury rigging" devices to put enough pressure on drill to get them to cut without getting hurt in the process. Time equals money, and efficiency.

Whether your people are harnessed in, trying to drill a crosstree 90ft. up, or re-drilling guard rails, or extending truck frames, Pressure Handle works equally well. To apply a safe, steady, even pressure at a force that will easily drill out broken bolts on a bulldozer, or put a hole precisely where needed to bonnet a pipe—Pressure Handle is the answer!

We've seen all kinds of labor saving devices over the years—some good, some not so good. This handle is going to rate up there with the best! It's a tool your mechanic will love to show off 30 years from now. With Pressure Handle attached to you drills, you can get the job done, and get on to bigger and better things!

The Pressure Handle gives drilling new possibilities! With this lightweight attachment, work can be done in places that normally would have been moved to a drill press. It gives hand drills the ability to pull into work with pressures that will make drilling highly efficient, even with large drill bits through tough steel.

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Fewer Broken Bits!
Cut Overhead Costs!
Improve Efficiency!


Easy to Use!
100's of Uses!

"Our mission is to mix excellence with affordability, bringing efficiency and safety to the workplace."

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This is an extremely high quality tool with all steel and aluminum parts. It works on most 1/2 or 3/4 inch drill, with an accessory handle.

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