Water chillers provide an effective way to keep buildings cool. However, their maintenance cost can gradually spiral out of control if specific steps aren't taken to keep those chillers functioning at optimum levels. This article discusses three ways through which you can keep chiller maintenance costs affordable.

  1. Always Upgrade the System

More efficient chiller systems are continuously brought onto the market. Those new chillers require less water and use less electricity to keep that water circulating within the building. It is therefore a wise move to upgrade your chillers periodically (every ten years, for example) so that you can keep operating costs low. For example, a new chiller will have less downtime due to component failures because most of its parts will still be in an excellent condition.

       2. Keep a Daily Log

A daily log of the key performance parameters of the chiller can help you to keep track of the service life of that chiller so that you know when it is time to replace it. For example, the daily recordings of the dirt that is observed within the water in the system can alert you to corrosion problems that need to be addressed before they cause a major leak within the system. The log should also reflect the different repairs conducted so that you can switch to different specifications of components in case you notice that a certain model keeps developing problems in your system. The daily log can therefore cut maintenance costs by helping you to make strategic decisions regarding the chiller.

        3. Invest in Analytic Tools

The first step towards benefiting from analytics is to have the right inspection tools for the chiller system. For instance, video scopes can help you to detect micro cracks in the chiller tube long before those cracks cause problems. Similarly, Eddy current testing detects flaws once the chiller tubes have been cleaned. The data from these precise tools can be fed into analytics software so that critical information can be obtained. For instance, the analytics software can tell you how much the efficiency of the system has improved after a cleaning session. The system can also alert you to any developing defects so that you can perform predictive maintenance on the chiller. In this way, maintenance costs will drastically reduce in comparison to the costs incurred when action is taken after problems have worsened.

You will notice a reduction in your chiller maintenance costs when you implement the suggestions above. Ask an experienced technician from a place like Maximus Chillers to inspect your chiller in case you fail to bring maintenance costs down after making use of the measures above.